Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
Do you feel time is becoming slower or faster?

I think in my case, its crazily fast. Days are just a number moving very quickly. I just think and research about ctb then sleep/eat/whatever and the cycle is fast. I really want to escape this hell and the rapid time isn't helping at all. Days, months and even years became nothing. With every year, I try to put a deadline and fail. Its very horrifying how time is fast like its telling me you must do it right now before the horrible future and the ugliness of time flow and the end of everything including oneself.

Fuck life


Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
For me, time is insanely slow, don't care about what I'm doing. Days feel weeks, weeks feel months, montys are years, years are another whole lifes... Life is too long.


Apr 18, 2018
Time has been passing very rapidly for me. The days hardly seem to begin before they're over. On the one hand, it makes the periods between sleep feel shorter, but on the other, I think it increases the sense of repetitiveness in my life. It just feels like I'm doing the same things over and over again, and any brief flashes of color are quickly mixed into the overall monotonous gray.