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Not Really Here
Apr 28, 2021
I called not that long ago and they were only prying for information. They wanted me to admit I was suicidal so they could send dispatchers.
No attempt to talk or anything... I only called because I was having a panic attack and just needed someone to talk to.
I ended up hanging up and injuring myself. So useless.


May 5, 2020
Mental Health and doctors can do little to fix us apart from talk and distribute pills (some don't even do that much). Our society and communities are broken. Corporations are privatizing everything. The media lies and deceives us to line their pockets. No wonder we are sick, and it is getting worse, not better.


Dec 9, 2021
It was actually really helpful. I called from the parking garage of a local hospital in pretty acute crisis. I got connected with a really nice lady who talked to me for about an hour. Let me vent about a lot of problems. Helped me to realize I wanted certain situations to change more than I wanted to end my life completely. Talked with me until I calmed down. I'm sure there are more acute situations where they would just call emergency to come and get you, but being that I was at the hospital/seeking help they didn't, other than to advise me to call back or go into the hospital if my panic/need to escape peaked again.


Oct 25, 2021
Within a six month period of time, my father died, my daughter died, I lost my job and my house, and got divorced. So, I was a bit under the weather and called the hot line. Believe it or not I wasn't suicidal just needed someone to talk to. So I called up I will admit I was crying pretty hard and tried to tell the woman what was going on. So while we're talking there's a knock on the door and two cops are standing there telling me they needed to come in - well I was stupid enough to let them in and they started looking all over my apartment and started grilling me about killing myself. I denied that I ever said that and I explained why I had called. They left after about 15 minutes, but I will NEVER call a hot line again.