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Nov 12, 2022
Humans need oxygen to live and we exhale carbon dioxide as a waste product. In a closed environment like a closet without valves and with the door closed, the amount of oxygen should be limited. If a person is in this closet, the oxygen content should be used up and the carbon dioxide reaches a level which is poisonous. One should die from suffocation and carbon dioxide poisoning if one remains in a closed environment like a plastic bag or a closet for a longer time.

It has occured that people in greenhouses have died from carbon dioxide poisoning. I haven´t read about suffocation in a closet anywhere - maybe no one has thought about this method before. What are your thoughts about it?


Oct 9, 2022
How do you keep yourself from opening the door when it gets too stuffy?

I've sat in my car in the garage, windows up and smoking cigarettes for hours. Often reclined the seat and fell asleep.

I do start to feel nauseous after a while (it hadn't occurred to me until now that the oxygen was probably getting low).

I guess my point is that it would take a relatively long time. And if you're conscious, you'll be inclined to leave when you start feeling nauseous and get a headache.


Jul 15, 2022
mmm you must be hours and hours until you have no more oxygen. In addition, you would have to seal the holes in the cabinet very well.


Oct 19, 2021
YO(u would have to seal off the door with duct tape, and it would take a very long time. Soffucatioon is an extremely distressing method and it would take superhuman willpower to not open the door. I do think it is a very unrealistic method. I do hope you can find peace somehow.