I need you to feel this
Jul 14, 2021
i got drunk yesterday and ive had suicide on the forefront of my mind the past couple weeks, or months,whatever. i wasn't planning on doing it yesterday or even today ive mostly just been on and off the idea of it but yesterday i felt this intense impulsion and, like, i dont think i left my house with the intention of killing myself but i went out to the train station and had this weird feeling of melancholic acceptance. like i was going to do it. I blacked out and woke up on the train about a stop away from my house and when i got back i just cried for like an hour straight lol


Jul 13, 2022
Alcohol is a depressant, so it makes sense that suicidal feelings are more pronounced when intoxicated.

My advise would be to tread carefully with the alcohol, while it may mask some feelings, it definitely contributes to impulsiveness, and attempting to CTB impulsively and while intoxicated definitely increases your chances of failing and ending up with a debilitating injury.
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