Aug 10, 2018
Hello people,

I'm from Melbourne Australia and am planning to go to Thailand in a couple of months. I have Plan A-C in mind.

Plan A: Looking for N. If I find it, cool otherwise I'll go with Plan B. I've heard that it has become very difficult to find N these days.

Plan B: DDMP 2 Protocol. If I can get the 6 drugs(including 2 anti-emetics), I'll go with this plan. Chances of success are much better than plan A but definitely can't guarantee. In case this fails, I've got Plan C

Plan C: Take some anti-anxiety drugs and jump off the Rama VIII bridge. There's a very very very rare chance I'll survive. This is making me happy and hopeful.

If you would like to join me, you're welcome to do so. Let the suffering end. Let's achieve peace.
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Aug 31, 2018
you could also visit s shooting ranch in thailand and off yourself


Aug 28, 2018
I know one fellow who went to Thailand and tried to off himself with N and CO. Anyway, he failed but did manage to procure N from a local vet there. I don’t know the details though, sorry.