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Rest is best
Apr 30, 2018
I guess it depends on what method you're going by. I tried partial hanging and couldnt go through with it because of the survival instinct to stand up but I guess if I had gone through a really bad day or had been intoxicated it might have worked.


Apr 16, 2018
Benzos and Prasozin. Maybe dissociatives as well. On another message board someone mentioned that it may be a good drug to give people who are dying or about to be assisted with suicide because they had never felt less care about anything before, to the point where even death wouldn't have perturbed them. Everyone reacts differently and there's no way to know whether he actually wouldn't have cared.


Some idiot
May 11, 2018
I tried hanging myself before and managed to surpress the instinct cause i have a severe dissociative disorder and listening to music usually ends up making my mind a total blank. Unfortunately a friend called me on discord, broke my dissociative state, and i ended up with a really bad headache and almost no feeling in my limbs and by then i managed to wrangle the belt off me and i passed out on my bed.

So having a dissociation issue can help surpress it but it probably won't help for every single method.
You Can Call Me Al

You Can Call Me Al

Apr 17, 2018
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I was having a major panic attack recently and had a couple bottles of pure caffeine pills (not saying that's recommended, but I am irrational during my episodes) that I was about to take. Somehow I completely passed out/fell asleep before I could take them. I woke up on my bedroom floor with them strewn by me and a spilled glass of watered down gin. I wasn't drunk and certainly wasn't sleepy because I was in the middle of a panic attack, so I am still very confused and am considering maybe my survival instincts kicked in and shut my brain down or something. For which I am grateful because when I do it, I want to make 100% sure of its success and have better control over external factors.


Born slippy
Sep 21, 2020
I had planned to go with partial hanging and made myself up a test rig. First attempt I managed to get the feeling I was passing out but I stopped myself there. 2nd time I tried I was more determined. This time I knelt on a tool box with the rope snugly round my neck and leaned forward I must have started to black out pretty quickly as I fell off the tool box and had a huge jerk on the rope. It’s all a bit of a blur the next part I remember vaguely trying to escape but as I clawed at the rope it had little or no effect. Eventually I must have ended up in a position that must have released the pressure on the noose and I came to very stunned and shaken. I extracted myself from the noose and was trembling with so much force I really thought I was going to throw up. I came inside and looked at myself in the mirror, I had a burn mark and bruising from where the nylon rope had been, I had a lot of discomfort swallowing and still have difficulty with it. The thing that got me was how strong the survival instinct is and how I acted when it became activated, it could easily have had another outcome and now it scares me the thought of partial hanging. I have now decided to take the SN route and have started sourcing the necessary ingredients.