Sep 28, 2021
I'm visiting. This is a nice place to hang out. I'm too far gone for meditation. I would have loved to follow the eightfold path.


Meowing to go out
Dec 27, 2020
Very direct teachings are akin to going directly to the final eightfold stage of samadhi. It is said that the transition towards noble behaviour will happen by itself following a period of integration, where we deal with repressed emotions and concealed misbehaviours.

What's more, the realisation is of something that was there all along, and is often reported as familiar from early childhood or even pre-birth. Hence it does not matter at all what the life situation is; it's merely a noisy movie playing in the background compared to the actual essence of the universal Self. But of course one must be open to the possibility, and be guided as to where to look.

Bella buddhismbook

What I am working on currently is related to understanding what a thought is, versus reality. The past exists as a thought, as does other people - especially people who are not in your immediate vicinity. Ideas about liberation are also thoughts. Then it gets trippy: all your ideas about yourself as a person are also thoughts, none of which are real. Something that cannot be spoken of witnesses all of this, but even this entity is a thought. Followed through, what remains is reality unfolding spontaneously by itself, but empty of the thought-based individual struggling to solve problems and achieve self-interest.
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