Apr 10, 2018
The last conversation with the Norwegian writer Jens Bjørneboe before he killed himself in May 1976. Very interesting! This interview is in Norwegian.

In the first part he also talks about his first suicide attempt... when he was 13 years old! (At about 3:55)

He says it was hanging and it was technical perferct! He says he lost consciousness the very secound the rope was tightened around his neck arteries. But survived because of pure chance. He also says he didn't feel any pain. If you understand Norwegian you should listen to the whole interview.

Bjørneboe was a harsh critic of Norwegian society and Western civilization on the whole.

He led a turbulent life and his uncompromising opinions cost him both an obscenity conviction as well as long periods of heavy drinking and bouts of depression, which in the end led to his suicide.