Aug 18, 2020
Yeah if I was American I would have voted for Biden 2020. Though I would have prefered Sanders way more. But on the question Biden or Trump I would always prefer Biden. I think mostly he is too old to have full power over the administration. I think there are many people in the background who do a lot of work for him. I hate most Democrats who wanted to become president. But I hate the epublicans even way more.

But the media is so hypocritical. When it was Trump vs Biden they fully supported Biden without allowing any question about his mental capacity. So many journalists in my country wrote there is an evil fake-news campaign from right-wing demagogues to picture Biden as senile. Yeah they were mostly right. He is not this sharp anymore in contrast to the time he was vice-president.

The timing the media turned on him was Afghanistan. Personally I can understand why they wanted to leave Afghanistan the war was lost many years ago. The way they left the country was shameful. But the media pretended like everything was fine if we just stayed there forever. There was no peefect time to leave the country. It would have probably collapsed no matter when they left it.

Yeah I am so annoyed by many journalists in my country. They worshipped him without any professional distance. And now they act like it was so obvious he is too old before the election.


about to die but won't even chat, wth?
Nov 28, 2021
The media is an unfiltered depiction of society. They are us: we are all so pretentious.

As a non-westerner I cringe to see the brain-washing effect the media has on westerners when topics like Russia or China come up. The Russians have been hopelessly demonized :)

You see, OP, even if you call a re-run today poor Bernie would still be rigged out. So you are stuck with Biden vs Trump unless the Dems wizen up.
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