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Red star

Sep 15, 2018
I think this is much needed information for us to have and can be adjusted to your liking. I know there is a topic on this already but spirituality is apart of us, we are spiritual beings. Not to be confused with religion that's not what I'm referring to here but can still be adjusted to whatever you believe.

On my journey of self help I came across a couple perspectives from guides about the process of what happens to your soul when you die. The vibration that you have carries over and your soul will be reborn to heal whatever it is that it is trying to heal.

If before we ctb we surround ourselves with the things we love or want more of in a new life that should carry over with us. I was imagining surrounding myself with drawings of me being loved, loving myself, feeling belonging all the things I wasnt able to manifest for myself in this life. Playing music that made me feel life, happiness, belonging. Applying deep sea clay on my body. Doing everything I possibly can to help my soul break the cycle. I've had visions of my attempt relating to this since the year started. If anyone else has had similar visions or guidance please share, thank you.
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He killed himself with his own mind
Jul 2, 2018
Not preachy at all, its what you believe, its not like your forcing or ideas on people. You raise an interesting point on vibrations, its not the first time I heard that, that our vibrations are carried over back into mother nature.
So we are reincarnated through our energies, not like just being born as a new physical body.

I must do more research on this, as this is what I'm trying to achieve by doing DMT before I go.
Who knows, maybe this will have a negative effect, or maybe I would have increased my vibration to the point of .... Dunno on that bit...