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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
  • What is SanctionedSuicide?
Sanctioned-suicide.org is a website dedicated to the discussion of mental health, difficult emotions, suicide, as well as well-being and recovery.
The forum was created in 2018, after the shutdown of the /r/sanctionedsuicide subreddit on social media site reddit.com. At the time the community was very large, but the closing of the subforum left its members without a place to vent or at times to call home. This website attempts to provide such a place without the censorship that would otherwise be imposed on other platforms.

  • Why is it called SanctionedSuicide?
"Sanctioned" can mean a number of things, but in particular it is the acceptance of something; a consideration, influence, or principle that dictates an ethical choice. It is important to understand that *acknowledging* does not equal *encouraging*. We accept that suicide is a valid, personal, ethical choice that everyone should be able to make, as long as they are within a rational, non-impulsive state. In other words, it is bodily autonomy. We do not, however, encourage suicide, and this has been the stance of the community since the old days of reddit communities, where they originated.

The name of the site was kept identical to that of its original reddit counterpart, where it operated for many years.

  • Do you provide mental health support?
Yes. If you look at the front page you'll see that our Recovery section is just as prominent as any other section, and that we link hotlines and recovery resources at the very top. We do want users to be proactive in their search for well being and happiness.

However, it should also be remembered that the entirety of the net is bent on denying suicidal people a genuine ability to express themselves. Sometimes a person just wishes to talk about their frustrations without having others tell them what they should do. If you have cancer or face impending homelessness, finding that you are getting the police called on you, being forced into a mental institution, or being linked to a phone number as if it was a type of magical solution may only make you feel worse. In fact, over half of all suicides are committed by people who do not have a mental health condition, supporting the idea that suicide is most of the time a rational, non-impulsive calculated choice. For these individuals, a space to speak their mind and an empathetic understanding from a community might be more valuable than an impersonal phone number thrown their way.

With that said, again, recovery resources and hotlines are readily available on the site for anyone who may need them. Moreover, we provide an account deletion feature available to anyone who needs or wants to leave the site permanently.

  • I feel this site should not exist!
Our website complies with United States law, and we allow only people over 18 years old who are of sound mind to register or use the site. Encouragement, selling services, and selling products is prohibited. We will cooperate with authorities if you are caught attempting to force users to commit acts against their will.

Understand that making this site disappear will not fix the issue of suicide. "See no evil, hear no evil" embodies this idea: If this site didn't exist, people in need wouldn't miraculously find themselves feeling better - they would simply have one less space to talk about their problems. Please respect the decision of those who use this website. If you do not, discontinue visiting this site. Otherwise, you are free to join our community and experience it firsthand.
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