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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
Welcome to the forum guide for Sanctioned Suicide

This thread is an unofficial forum guide. It covers a variety of topics. It was put together by selected members of the community. Please take some time and read this thread before posting. It exists to give you an understanding about the site, forum functionality, and a guide to creating quality threads and posts.

Before reading further...

You MUST read the rules and FAQ, linked in your welcome PM, or above in the navigation bar. You will be banned without hesitation if you break the rules!


Mission Statements

SanctionedSuicide.com is a forum that allows self-expression without censorship. Here you can find resources, get advice and support, and talk with like-minded individuals.

Sanctioned Suicide is a forum to discuss mental illness and suicide from the perspective of suicidal people, as well as the moral implications of the act itself.

History of Sanctioned Suicide.

Sanctioned Suicide is a web forum created after the Subreddit known as 'Sanctioned Suicide.' Sanctioned Suicide was originally a forum for pro-choice suicide discussion. It was neither pro-life nor pro-suicide, but allowed a place for the discussion of methods, Suicidology, and general discussion about suicide. Sanctioned Suicide was a safe place and welcomed all people. On March 14th 2018, Sanctioned Suicide was banned from Reddit. Two days later this website was created.

Is Sanctioned Suicide pro-suicide or pro-choice?

Sanctioned Suicide is a pro-choice forum. The forum exists to provide a safe place to foster a discussion to help and support those that are looking for information to end their life. We do not allow the encouragement of users to carry out any acts.


Currently, we have 10 prefixes. Each prefix has a different meaning. When you select a prefix, it will show next to your thread's title on the forum. While the use of prefixes is not required, it makes your thread more visible and easier to understand for users browsing the forum.

Story - For telling a story.
Venting - For venting.
Help - For asking for help.
Discussion - For Discussion
News - For posting News and articles.
NSFW - For posting NSFW, nothing hardcore please.
Methods - For methods.
Resources - For resources
Recovery - For recovery
Games - For forum games.
No Prefix - If you don't feel the need for one.

You'll notice that not a lot of detail was put into describing what the prefixes represent. The prefixes mean what they say. We want users to pick and choose which one they feel would best represent their thread, as sometimes someone might be telling a story, but also venting. Or someone might be asking for help, but might be venting. There is not a strict adherence, but these prefixes serve as a guide for thread creators to use. You can always select 'No Prefix.'

Mega Threads

Mega Threads are moderator designated threads that are used to designate popular threads. Mega Threads aren't containment threads unless designated as so. Often times, Mega Threads will be for popular methods or resources. Other times, they might be about music, photography, art. Only a moderator may designate a mega thread.

Abbreviations and Acronyms used here

N stands for Nembutal. It's used in physician assisted suicide and to euthanize animals. It's about the most lethal drug there is, but also expensive (we're talking $600 for two bottles, which is what you'll need).
PPH or PePH or any variation is peaceful pill handbook.
SN stands for sodium nitrite. It's an inorganic salt.
CTb means catch the bus, which means 'to take one's life.
Exit is short for Exit International.
SS is short for Sanctioned Suicide.
OT is short for Off Topic.
OP is for for original post.

What is the PPH

Quoted directly from https://www.peacefulpillhandbook.com

The ONLINE (AND PRINT) Peaceful Pill Handbook is series a of books to provide research and information on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide for the elderly, those who are seriously ill & their family/ friends.

The books provide practical information about end of life strategies such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs, gases and poisons as well as options available for foreigners in Switzerland where assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia are allowed under certain circumstances. Each approach is rated according to its peacefulness and reliability. A full legal analysis of each approach is provided giving an important insight into the laws surrounding assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia.
Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
Quality Posting and Etiquette

Aside from our rules about respect, we have guidelines about posting quality and etiquette.

Creating a thread

When creating a thread please ensure that the thread has discussion value, especially in the Sanctioned Suicide forum. Our rules about low effort and low quality threads exist to ensure that only threads that meet a certain quality will be posted.
Threads that lack discussion value should not be posted. When creating a thread in the Sanctioned Suicide forum, please ensure that the created thread has a minimum of two sentences. While moderators will not necessarily delete a thread in the Sanctioned Suicide forum for having a OP of less than two sentances, it is typically frowned upon.

The off topic forum is more laid back, it would be alright if OP has just one sentence, as long as there is discussion value.


When responding to a thread, please ensure that your post offers a substantive and quality reply. Please ensure that you read the original post in the thread before replying. One word or one image replies (Unless designated as a forum game) are frowned upon, and will nearly always be deleted if posted in Sanctioned Suicide. There is no set minimum for a reply in off topic, so as long as the response is appropriate for the thread.

User-Discussion, Partners Megathread, etc.

Please understand that we have special threads that are in place and designed to consist of specific discussion and information. For example, if you wish to find partners; then partner related inquiries should be posted in the Partners Megathread. This goes for the discussion and speculative information and/or questions about other users; as this discussion should ONLY be kept within the User discussion megathread. Please DO NOT create postings in the suicide discussion and off-topic parts of the forum about partner inquiries or user discussion; as it pollutes other areas of the forum and creates unnecessary content, which already has a specific area to reside within.


Often times, topics of a controversial nature are posted on this website. The expectation here is for constructive criticism or a fair spirited debate. As per our rules, we do not allow insulting, bullying or harassment. Personal attacks, hostilities, and ad homenium responses will be deleted, with warnings issued depending on severity.


Topic and tone is going to naturally deviate around in a thread from what was originally posted. This should happen organically. A thread is derailed when the topic and tone suddenly change. Derailing typically happens as a result of loss of civility in a thread or lack of quality or substantive posting.

Flame Wars

Flame wars are fights in threads that are the result of incivility. If you get into a heated argument with a user, and the argument becomes uncivil, if you further argue, you may receive a warning as well. The best option for addressing these issues is to report posts that violate our rules, not reply to them, and ignore the user(s) if they are attacking you.

Post Formatting

I have listed links for post formatting. If you are new to posting online, reading these will help you.

https://problogger.com/make-your-posts-more-readable/ - Post Format Guide
https://xenforo.com/community/help/bb-codes/ - Xenforo BBCodes
- Quality Posting Guide


If at any time you see content that violates our rules, please feel free to report the post. All moderators get a notification of reported content. Reporting content is the fastest way to have it viewed and addressed by a moderator. All reports are anonymous.

Following and Ignoring Users

When you click on a users profile, you'll see next to each other. Follow and Ignore. The ignore feature is our blocking feature.


By clicking follow the user will receive a notification that you are following them. By following a user you will receive a notification of any threads or posts they create.


By clicking the ignore button, you will no longer see posts that the user creates. You will still see their threads, however.

Watched Forums and Watched Threads

The Watched Forum and Watched Threads buttons allow you to see threads that you are actively apart of.

Watched Forums

Clicking on one of the forums, you'll see the 'Watch Forum' button. Clicking that will enable you to receive notifications about new posts and threads in the forum. If you have this enabled, clicking on Watched Forum will give you the ability to personalize your settings, such as if you want to receive email notifications, alerts, and if you'd like to stop receiving notifications.

Watched Threads

Any sort of threads that you create or reply too will pop up here. You will have the same ability by clicking this button to customize your notifications. If you see a thread that you like but don't feel like posting on it, at the time of the thread, just above the OP, you can click the 'Watch Thread.' This will add it to your watched threads.

Disciplinary Actions

When a user violates our rules, moderators will discipline the user. There is some terminology for discipline, as well as some disciplinary actions that may be taken against rule breakers.

Warning - Warnings range from 10% -99%, varying on severity. Moderators have discretion in their choice of what percentage to give a warning. Once a user reaches 100% warning level, they will be banned.

Ban - Bans are given out to users who request their ban. When a user is banned, they can post in the ban appeal section to appeal their ban.

Hard Ban - Reserved for the worst of cases, a hard ban is a ban that permanently removes the user from the website. It cannot be appealed.

Ban requests - Users may request up to one ban. If a second ban is requested, you will be permanently banned. You will be given a minimum of one appeal for an unban request.

No PMs - Staff has the right to take away a users PMs if they repeatedly send messages that violate our rules.

Threads for new users

Please be sure to read the OP before posting.

New Users Introduction Thread
User Discussion Thread
Partners thread. Please be sure to read the first post before posting.
List of resources
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