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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018

for a long time, N and SN are the top methods but I think the lack of variety makes it harder for others to ctb. In my case, the most perfect for me is something that I make in my place. I have all the time and just looking for a way. I'm really tired and need to exit but I don't want to fail and do a cruel method. As I'm almost completely isolated from humans, I can't use those commonly used methods at all. It's like I'm trapped and I can't exit. And it doesn't help how there is no change in the situation, I'm deteriorating mentally and physically with time and it's better to leave before things gets much worse. Even if I got a method and didn't ctb, the availability of a method is going to make me safe. I don't want to see my body rotting and deteriorating while doing nothing.


Aug 10, 2021
There’s absolutely no way you can get N?


New Member
Nov 26, 2021
Fentanyl?? Im angling this way.
Any thoughts?


I want to sleep for an eternity.
Sep 24, 2020
I wish the peaceful methods were more accessible, but of course the society tries to force us to live as they need workers and allowing the peaceful methods would shatter the delusion that many people hold that life is always worth living. It is cruel expecting people to suffer for decades. I am afraid of failing ctb, no one should have to resort to methods that could fail, we deserve the option of a reliable peaceful exit. I wish you the best. I hope you find peace. Living is very painful.


Sep 25, 2021
Death by hypothermia maybe..take an massive OD of benzo's like clonazolam and go hide yourself in the forest