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    In light of recent events, all community members in the US should reach out to their representative in regards to the Stop Online Suicide Assistance Forums Act that has been introduced in congress. This bill, if passed, could criminalize this community and hold it liable for simply hosting information.

    You should be able to locate and contact your represenative by going to this website. You can also contact Lori Trahan, the one spearheading this bill by calling her office at (202) 225-3411 or by leaving a message on the contact form on her site.

    One of the best ways to combat this is to make your voice heard. We're not political activists, but we made this notice to let you know that you do have a voice and that you do have representives that represent you in congress.


Shattered Mannequin
Nov 21, 2018
I am leaving because I no longer see suicide as a possible option and I have moved on from such an endeavor. I know I'll sound contrarian when it comes to my ancient history but life is somewhat too valuable to throw away when you give it a small chance. I wish everyone can have a glimmer of hope to value life in the same way I have done.
I am still very mentally ill but I am stronger than I was before, I have focus despite my flaws and blade that still has its edge can still cut despite the chips that will never go away.
Thank you everyone for the respect and love ou gave me during my darkest hours.
Good luck everyone, I hope you can recover like I did 😀


Oct 14, 2022
Lucky. I'm happy for you and jealous at the same time. I hope you succeed in whatever it is you want for your life.
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Rounded Apathy

Rounded Apathy

Longing to return to stardust
Aug 8, 2022
Just shy of four years as a member here - does my heart good to see longstanding members move on for positive reasons. I hope things continue looking up for you and you never need to return. Best of luck 🌤️
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Nov 9, 2022
Wishing you all the best, friend. Though you may still be in pain, I hope you are able to find peace in it.