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Railiah P

Railiah P

Nov 7, 2020
No matter what I do I always make 30k or less every year and I’m left with little to nothing to show for all my hard work. This is one of the main things that gets me down about life. I barely want to stay awake most days because I feel like nothing is worth doing. I feel angry and fed up.

I don’t want to dedicate myself to making someone else rich. I think it’s unfair that the people who work the longest hours and the most consistent schedule are paid the least. I have been working since I was a teen. At first it was under the table then mall jobs. Then I found a couple of possible career paths ( spoiler alert: they didn’t work out). I tried sales (make up, knives, life insurance, etc). I started an online business and set some things up to create passive income (2014/ 2015). I just finished my business degree and I’m still at square 1 just with student loan debt now.

Nothing works for me. The few times I have come into a bit of money in a lump sum, my cash flow became inconsistent then at the end of the year it all adds up to the same amount or less than the year before. I’m trying not to give up but I feel like maybe if I quit this life I may get a chance at a fresh start. Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to be born into a family with old money. Or at least a family that will invest in a college fund for me.

I’m not blaming my misfortune on my family. However, some financial support would have made a major difference for me between 18 and 21.
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Dec 27, 2020
I would also like more money and independence.
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