Aug 18, 2020
Honestly often when horrible things happen in the US. They are saying this country needs more thoughts and prayers. Especially the evangelicals say that. Honestly both won't fix the problems of the country. Even if we take it as a metaphor "the people have to become more religious with the right christian values" this won't fix any problems. It is so naive to pretend that this would solve any problems.

There are so many societal problems in the US. The culture war, the policital system which polarizes (2 party system), the powerful lobbies etc
I won't dig deeper and avoid the most controversial topics.

But I think we all can agree on that "thoughts and prayer" is a ridiculous strategy to overcome the struggles of this country. In my opinion it is rather cyncial. Like we don't have to do anything God must solve the problem. It is just a lame excuse. If we say it is in God hands we don't have have deal with our problems ourselves.

I think it is kind of proven that religion combined with state power is pretty detrimental the sake of a society. I think some people wish the US to be a theocracy. What will be the next scapegoat in such a theocracy? The non-believers or the people with a different faith? Yeah fuck that. This won't fix anything and everyone who is sane knows that.
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