Aug 11, 2018
first of all thanks for all the posts on this message board, in a strange was makes me feel better there are other going thru what i am

as there seems to be issues with the n situation in mexico, i have started looking into nitro setups... to any experts out there how does this nitro setup sound?

unfortunately i cannot upload the pic but it is a 20 or 40 cu ft high pressure nitrogen tank used for inflating tires... with stand, ten foot hose; pressure reducing single stage regulator and tire inflator with resetable dial pressure gauge. comes with
  • Blow gun hose 10ft.
  • Tire inflation gauge
  • Whip end hose 12in.
  • Single stage regulator
  • Cylinder nitrogen
  • Cylinder nitrogen tank
  • Manual
Pressure Regulator, Tire fill with reset-able pressure gauge, Six (6') high pressure hose.

does this setup sound reasonable?

thanks for your help