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Sep 7, 2018
I read several accounts recently where the phone or laptop of the deceased has been found to contain research into forums where suicide is openly discussed, not a great surprise. I have yet to find a case where any mention was made of the family taking some legal action and expect it's not possible unless there is clear proof that a person was actively encouraged to end their life by an individual. This seems a bit of a grey area. I don't ever see anyone directly encouraging anyone here, just giving advice or replying to questions.

I remember a case in the uk last year when someone was prosecuted for sending texts, encouraging their boyfriend to take his life.

I intend to wipe my laptop by rebooting it back to original settings. Someone else said they were just going to chuck it in a lake. It's about keeping your life private as well as the possibility of something being tracked back.

I just wonder if anyone knows more about this issue legally, depending on their country. It interests me. I expect a Mod will be more clued up on this.