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Aug 12, 2018
I want to try my best in raising my self esteem and also my mental health, surprisingly my mental health hasn't gone to shit from being dropped from therapy. I want to be comfortable in my own skin every time I look in the mirror. I always been a person who has no self worth and extremely low or none self esteem. I had trouble for years in how I view myself and also bettering/getting rid of my body dysmorphia. I came to terms in what makes me feel myself in my own skin mentally while back but, now I just have to do the other part in getting myself to look like it and striving for the body that I want. Not only with that but also with my facial appearance I'm slowly learning to love the facial features that I always have despise as a child. Motivation is really something I have to work on too instead of just desiring it in my head while just laying down wondering why I dont look how I want. I really want to strive for this to help better myself mentally too because my self esteem plays huge role in my mental health I really want the best for myself
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Mar 26, 2020
For someone who has come to have a negative view of themselves, working on a positive self-image can be a therapeutic step. However, the final goal may not be feeling either good or bad about how one looks, but transcending the importance of physical features altogether.

The world we live in is saturated by media. Much of the money to present media to us comes from people who make a lot of money getting us to be fearful of how we look and selling us products to calm those fears.

Those of us who fall short of physical perfection have an advantage of not being hounded by the superficial. Just as those who are famous or wealthy have to be on guard against those who pursue them, the attractive also are similarly pursued by those they would prefer to avoid.

Being able to set aside concern for appearance allows us to work on more imprtant qualities such as kindness, compassion, and humor. These are qualities that add greater depth and satisfaction to life and generally do not fade with time.
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