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Oct 21, 2018
suicidesheep31 said:
I miss @hahabye and just wonder if someone knew from which country she originally was.
I am browsing internet to hear from her... in vain :'(

I remember her mentioning a few times that she was from the Netherlands.

In the next few hours and couple days after her death, I would just randomly think about her and how she was most likely still in that hotel room, laying perfectly still.

I could relate so much to a lot of what she wrote, and the way she talked about how much she loves her cats always made my heart feel tight. I'm happy for her that she finally got what she wanted and was able to get there peacefully, but I'm not gonna lie, I miss her, too. :(


suicide is the ultimate form of self-care
Apr 28, 2021
-Persephone- said:
It's unusual that he announced his return and has disappeared again suddenly, without a word. Based on his post history, this seems out of character.
I agree, he would never behave like this if it weren't for unusual circumstances. Maybe he went through his long list of unanswered PM's, and saw something which caused him to panic.


A world that fails the vulnerable is not venerable
Mar 28, 2021

I found this post from January. WornOutLife/Matt self-banned prior to an attempt. He wrote: "I decided there would be no goodbyes for anybody and I self deleted my account."

This was incredibly sad to read, though I can understand why some members choose to leave quietly without saying goodbye. It's a very personal choice.

However, he has met a girl he likes and said in his recent return thread that his life has significantly improved. While I respect whatever decision he makes and hope he finds peace either way, I hope he has left of his own volition because things are looking up for him. He deserves that. I will miss his presence, but I want him to be happy. :heart:


Aug 18, 2020
BottomlessPit said:
Anyone know what's going on with WornOutLife? Shortly after he came back he set his profile to private, deleted his profile picture, went inactive again, and now his name is crossed out. Incredibly eerie..
I thought about that too. I was happy to see him again. You might be right with your theories. I suspected he regrets to say hello again because he does not want to think about suicide again after his life improved so much.

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