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Jul 1, 2018
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The sale of the house (after many delays) should close next week. Documents (birth certificate, passport, etc) are together and I need to finish testing but I can feel everything settling.

Air pressure tests show a great deal of back pressure build up with the narrow bore of the O2 mask. I’ll either have to secure it with loctite epoxy to prevent blowout of the cannula or I just not use it and wait till concentration builds sufficiently before entering car.

This method is officially my backup. If N shipment fails (which it may) then here is what I’ve got.

Dual chambers to gaurantee enough CO is produced. I may use epoxy on the lids before mixing to prevent cap blowout. This all will be housed within a Rubbermaid container so worsecase is the glass on one or both chambers rupture from pressure but continue mixing in secondary container.

I’ll most likely be unconscious at the point that comes to be a concern though.

Anyway, couple more weeks most likely till I know N failed unless it’s a controlled delivery situation and they detain me. Just working on Will & Note to complete document portion of all this.

... feeling a terrific sense of peace
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