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A lonely satori
Dec 3, 2020
I have been able to try many games that I did not think I would try before I died, but the most resentful has been Devil May Cry V and oh boy, I loved it, by itself it has been a lot of fun but it was also a nostalgic trip with so many winks to past games and even to the animated series and the novels, the ending made me laugh a lot despite how stressed I am now.

I recently also finished Trails of Cold Steel IV, its ending left me hyped for the next games, but the things that concluded there did well in my opinion, especially the final antagonist, all that construction received in previous games certainly it was worth it, i wish i could continue exploring that world.


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Dec 18, 2021
I've mostly been playing Hades (lol) and Mass Effect Legendary Edition for some bursts of nostalgia, but when I really want to escape and burn hours away without noticing I play Football Manager
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Oct 18, 2021
I wish I could still play games but the condition I am won't allow it, I'd probably be playing more League of Legends right now or trying the new Far Cry


Jan 22, 2020
Bloodborne! What a game. I was not there for it at all - spent countless hours getting pwned by every thing out there. Then realised I don't actually have to kill everything out there.
Fast forward 2 months I've completed the game now 5 times plus the dlc. Cannot recommend it enough. :)
Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die

A wise man can always be found alone.
Jan 12, 2022
I haven't felt well enough to play any games lately. If I somehow manage to get the energy again I would like to play through Skyrim, Fallout 4 or Dying Light again. I enjoy the games where it's you against the world. Your only solace is within yourself. Your only goal is self preservation.

On another note, I used to play Elder Scrolls Online a few years ago. I might try to start fresh and just play it slow for the story and graphics.
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My brain is a liquid mess.
Aug 18, 2021
I’ve been playing this for while now, and the game is just amazing imo. Played the original as a kid, and it just feels so nostalgic to experience my favourite region again 10+ years later. I’m currently shiny hunting Dialga, and can’t wait to feel the excitement when I find it.

I’ve also been playing these mobile games too: Btd 6, Summoners war, and Fire Emblem Heroes.
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Jan 2, 2022
I'm returning to Metal Gear Solid 2 for the first time in years, which is weird since it might be my favorite video game ever! I haven't played it since everyone realized "oh wow this was actually pretty prophetic."

I forgot just how much of this game is a giant fuck you to its players and the concept of sequels in general. "Oooh you want to play as the cool masculine action hero? You want to return to that power fantasy? You think that just because this is a sequel that you're entitled to certain things? Too bad. You're a himbo twink now :)" Truly one of a kind.
I've never played any of the Metal Gear games but I always love hearing about the things that Konami Kojima pulled off. Think it's worth it for me to pick up the HD collection?
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I believe in Sunset Limited
Jul 29, 2019
I like to play RPG :smiling: I played Diablo 1-2-3, Titan Quest, Castlevania... Diablo II is my fav. Also I was playing Counter Strike when I was young :)
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Jul 7, 2019
I bought Monster Hunter Rise now that it came to pc, fucking hated it, refunded it. MH peaked at World, for now.

Looks like Elden ring is the only thing I'll enjoy this year.