Aug 18, 2020
I am so thankful that this website saves the drafts. I almost had to start from scratch.

I just think many people are quite fake. I think especially about some celebrities. They talk very badly about capitalism, the systems we live in and the decay of our morality. But most of these people are hypocrites. At least this it what it seems for me. For example: There is merchandise of Slavoj Zizek. I mean this dude calls himself a marxist and wants to overcome capitalism. Yeah selling merchandise is in this case quite hypocritical but I don't know whether he really gets a share of it.

I think about all the influencers who are stanned by the youth. In these videos they present it as if life would only consist of buying new products, going on vacation and other superficial joys. Buy yourself happiness. Though I think many of them don't sympathize with other forms of our society. They embrace it instead. The bigger lie they sell these kids (or older people) is: The main concern in life is about satisfying your own needs and wishes. Be selfish don't listen to all the fun killers who try to educate you how to live the life of responsible adults.

Especially the very primitive needs we all share in common are addressed. This can be sex, drugs, action or simply distraction of what it feels to be human. They create this magical world where everything seems possible. Of course there are still these unnecssary events in life like going to work/college or listening to a friend who struggles. But there is an antidote. Just watch another 30 minutes TikTok videos to distract yourself how empty and sad you innerly feel. Don't confront your problems, don't spend time on nasty work. Don't face your demons, don't do your work, don't confront yourself with unpleasant things. But this is not happiness. Just running away from your responsibilities is not happiness. Instead such a life feels empty and shallow.

The ideology or way of living these influencers sell is a pipe dream. When your grandparents die watching some good mood videos won't help you to come to terms with it. It is simply a supression of negative emotions. But humans strive for something deeper. A deeper connection in life. Just watching everyday hours full of TV shows is like an escape. In low dosages this can be relieving and joyful. But if it becomes an addiction or an obstacle that prevents you of being productive or solving your main problems in life you become a slave. And all these advertisement promise you to be unique and freedom if you watch or buy these specific products. But you are just buying another reality. You undertake the premises they are ordering. You fell good if you buy these new trendy shoes. But mostly it is just about status. Showing your superiority to other people. And so many people are participating in this game. On the surface we all try to present our values and ideologies. And these products which promise salvation from loneliness, social isolation or anxiety of not being accepted are perpetuating this pervert system.

Just look at the insane shit with the metaverse and NFTs. People don't know how to waste their money. People are starving every single day on this planet but yes buy a virtual house for 400 k instead.

I like to listen to some rebels against the system. I mean musicians. But they are just part of the system. They don't look like it but yes also these people perpetuate the system. The songs are about love, drugs or how it feels to be rich. These people would never admit that they support how the financial system is working. They sing about how horrible the nasty work is most people have to do just in oder to survive. But with their music and appearance they give young people a wrong role model. Being a rockstar is not a sustaining way to live. Most people who try to become one fail. Moreover they are just worshipping fame and money. Both cannot really fix some existential problems. It feels so wrong to me. These people pretend like they were against the system, the peer pressure and all the obsession with hard work. But in the next moment they sing how cool it is to drive the newest Mercedes and flex with their money. No servant can serve two masters.

I also think about some youtubers who say how horrible capitalism is and how horrible the climate catastrophe is. But what are they doing? Selling insanely expensive merch to young fans who are easy to manipulate. They just sell cheap clothers with their branding for horrendous money. Then there are so many who say the old current generation is to blame for all the injustice in the world/ and the climate crisis. And yes exactly these people do VLOGs in Japan or other foreign exotic countries. If they are confronted with their hypocrisy they make shallow jokes. Use irony and sarcasm. This is such a good strategy. But nowadays everything has to be meta. Being ironic is such a good weapon to devalue legitimate criticism. Sometimes you just have to enjoy things, I deserved that, don't be such a fun killer. Yeah I don't say what I demand from other people but at least I am not so deadly serious as you. My promise were just some words. Like me I can make jokes about my mistakes and about my overpriced schemes how I exploit vulnerable people.

To be honest I am not fully glad with this thread. I would have been way easier in my native language. I am not absolutely content with the logic that I used. I hoped it would get better if I wrote more but it was not that convincing work. This thread is ridiculously long. I always hoped that the quality of the text would improve but it just did not. So i continued to write on and on.

To be honest I think barely anyone will read it. Do you also know some fake rebels against the system and capitalism? How do you feel about them?
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Sibyl Vane

Sibyl Vane

May 28, 2022
Not just celebrities, the "iPhone communists" are everywhere. They are constantly complaining about work exploration, rampant consumerism, and capitalism, but they are surely enjoying every part of it. What about stopping contributing to what you claim to be against? Nobody wants to talk about that, won't they? Let's get rid of the brand clothes, and credit cards, delete the social media profiles, and the computers will be exchanged by paper notebooks. No more enrichment of the big and bad capitalist corporations.

Another thing that I hate and is relevant to that topic is those people/celebrities who claim to fight and be against the objectification of women when they are the ones who contribute to it. How exactly does writing pornographic lyrics that depict women as cum dumpsters and shaking your ass to a camera 24/7 help with the cause except for creating the exact opposite of what you claim to desire? If we exclude the fact that those people are contributing to the development of messed-up ideas about sex in the younger generation, I would say you are free to do whatever you want, be the biggest whore you can be for all that I care, but do not complain when you are treated as such and do not declare you represent women because quite frankly, in my humble opinion, you are a hypocrite, a disgrace to the whole gender and you do not represent me.

Practice what you preach!

A little bit of a rant here. Forgive me for that :pfff:
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Jul 11, 2021
I agree. The economic system is quite amazing on how it can turn even the opposition in mere participants. Environmental sustainability is a great example, because if was a fight against the core concepts of the economic system at play, but it became simply another marketing strategy.

In the end, the real rebels are the ones who build self-sufficient communities, who put their own hands on the soil and produce food, who build their own houses, clothes, furniture, machines etc. Indigenous people are great rebels, who never gave up in their fight, no matter how strong the oppressors are.

This is a great topic and I will come back when my mind is more clear.
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There is something special about deciding when
Jan 15, 2022
Yep. Actual rebels are dead, jailed or living completely off-grid. This world is set up in such a way that even a conspiracy theorist misanthrope like myself has to further its goals to survive minimally. It's all interconnected and one hand washes the other. But it's better to be 10% a rebel than being 100% subservient.