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Aug 5, 2018
newcomers seldom asks already answer questions... like 10 times.
[my examples for patrial-suspension]
[like how long it will take to get uncounscious, is this knot okay and such]
basicly creating unnecesary mess. people ask for how to overcome survival instict while trying partial suspension on 3 or 4 diffrent threads. Its bad for the members also for the mods.
people have to search through 20 page to find a simple answer. or have to read 4 diffrent threads about same subject etc.
my suggestion is creating a sticky thread* for every popular method
Partial suspension / jumping / gun / hanging / N etc. you name it
instead of discussing method, Failed attempts, overcoming survival instics for spesific method, required equipment etc
in one mega thread dividing it to 3 or 4 can improve members experiance
Not open for further replies.