Dec 28, 2019
I am a champion overthinker among many other retarding talents. I would even get myself confused on true/false questions in school and simply write the answers out. I can not even get through one of those personality tests everyone seems so fond of.


Dying with love
Mar 26, 2021
Honestly I'm okay with not being particularly talented at anything. I don't like looking at the things I do as being talented or talentless, because it just drains me too much. I like what I do. I like playing bass and making lil mods for games and stuff. Am I particularly talented at either of those things? Meh, but I like doing them nonetheless. Just do what you want. Life will still hurt but at least you can find solace in the things you like, yknow ?


The Real Monster
Sep 26, 2021
my talent is somehow having kind of a magnet that attracts bullies, and in general awful people that trash me and trample over my life struggles and then act as if they were actually the victcim, pushing me beyond my limits.


Dec 14, 2018
You probably have some thing…
I “can” draw.
I “can” paint.
I “can” analyze.
I “can” speak.
I “can” do art and define what art is.

I “can” drive.
I “can” ride a motorcycle.

I “can” do math.

I can admit my faults or wrongdoings, I can hold accountability.

I can earn good grades.

I can be selfless, I can attempt to “be” selfish but it’s not really “in my nature” it’s more of a “I wonder why people do this”, I can communicate clearly, I can assert myself, I know right from wrong. I can point out my own shortcomings or faults and I can point out the faults or shortcomings of others.
I can be loyal. I can be humble.
I can be “strong” without interference from outside parties that cause destruction.

I can “avoid” conflict, or I can charge right into it without hesitation.

I can accept myself or others. I can laugh.

I can agree, and agree to disagree, and approach with multiple perspectives.
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Green Destiny

Green Destiny

Life isn't worth the trouble.
Nov 16, 2019
I'm good at hacky-sack. I remember thinking how the hell did people have the coordination for kicking around a small ball with their shoes? Starting out in highscool I wasn't all that good at it but somehow I got somewhat better thanks to practicing with other people. Years later i'm still pretty good at it though I pale in comparison to professionals with very high skill.
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