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Aug 18, 2020
I don't know much about art or this guy. But from what I have heard he seems to be pretty cool.

Some of you know probably way more about him than me. But I really admire his art in Ukraine. Or his statements against capitalism. Maybe you know some interesting stories. Maybe Banksy is even a group of people.

It is fascinating that there are such myths and secrets in a world connected through the internet.

It reminds me of Satoshi Nakamoto. Also a pseudonym. He, she or they were the bitcoin inventor.

Do you think secret service or other intelligence services know their identities? I assume yes.

I don't have much sophisticated to say. Maybe you have?
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Sep 21, 2021
Lol satoshi is almost certainly government affiliated. No private individual is that talented at keeping their identity hidden. Plus the large unspent bitcoin reserves points to a governmental agency inventing crypto as a hedge.


Feb 18, 2022
The mystery behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is pretty entertaining but I generally think crypto itself is dumb.
Banksy’s art looks good on the surface but its messages seem vapid or completely unintelligible. Maybe if I knew more about him I’d be interested but I don’t care enough to investigate. My respect is already low for art that poses itself as being “against the system” but operates entirely within it. For instance, there’s a lot of street art where I live. Much of it is aesthetically pleasing but a lot of it’s corporate art that tries to mimic street art and kind of fails in that regard. idk where i’m going with this i’ma shut up now lol