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Bootleg Astolfo

Bootleg Astolfo

Glorious Bean Plushie
Oct 12, 2020
Total world domination and conversion of humanity to femboism.


losing hope
Aug 16, 2019
2022, hopefully the year of BOUNDARIES. Saying NO. I've already been setting a few more boundaries in 2021, but would like to really, really give off the vibe that I won't be taken advantage of, used, abused, played for a fool. Which for 62 years I have been taken advantage of, thanks to my people pleasing, wanting to be liked, not wanting to be abandoned. And have I ever had the TAKERS...Take advantage.

I'd like some better physical health too, I've had numerous medical and mental health issues since 3 years ago. Maybe to taper back my Ativan one more or two more notches, from .75 mg a day to maybe .25 mg, only at night.


Feb 9, 2021
I want to read more books. I also would like to get a driver's license. I've really been putting it off because driving gives me a lot of anxiety and I already have enough anxiety but I'm really reaching the point where it's going to be problematic if I don't have one.


Jan 26, 2021
1. Try (fail) at another job/education.
2. 200kg dl, 120kg bench.
3. Find some way to make cardio enjoyable.
4. Maybe die, but will probably do that in 23/24.
5. Post on the forum, reach 5000 posts, maybe 6000.
6. Find some way to kill time better. Unlikely, but still.
Dr Iron Arc

Dr Iron Arc

Into the Unknown
Feb 10, 2020
Besides my CTB which is definitely going to happen, the only things I actually want to accomplish are to finish certain games, movies, and shows.


Jul 26, 2020
I do not even know, I have no goals really. The only thing I want is to not exist but it is unlikely I will get there this year. Maybe try to sleep more. I feel worse when I get less sleep.
Pretty much sums up my 2022. The year started sucking me down and so far it's not getting better so if I had to pick a "good goal" it would be alive this time 2023.


Nov 16, 2021
Hmmm well on the high end like many others, I hope to be able to CTB in 2022 and be done with this place. But, considering I have no idea when/if I'll be able to do that my more realistic goal for 2022 is relax and have more fun.

Ive found a monotonous (which I don't mind at all) dayjob that is low-stress (<-- this is the biggest bit i'm looking forward to) and gives me enough money to get by. Once I've tied up all the ends of my current high-stress job, I will look to make better life decisions that make living this life feel a little bit better.

No more late nights slaving away at a position that is purely stressful and overwhelming 24/7, taking away 75% of my free time to hang with my friends, read some books, play video games etc.

My reason to CTB has nothing to do with work but I must say, I underestimated how much I value/need a low-stress position that doesn't suck all of my free time up.

Glad to be moving down to a more comfortable spot. I'm hoping to make 2022 be, at the very least, stress-free.
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My brain is a liquid mess.
Aug 18, 2021
To experience one last feeling of true happiness before I ctb. I really hope to achieve this by hanging out with old friends I’ve cut out of my life 4 years ago.


Dec 7, 2021
I am trying to watch a meaningful film once a day (think Criterion). The whole reason is I just don't consume media. I'm resistant to it. I don't know why. Anhedonia took over my life. Books, TV, indie games with heavy storylines - things like that. Stuff that gave me joy no longer does. It's such an effort to get me to do these things anymore. I work in the field so it makes no sense that I don't consume any media these days. I'm trying. It's hard.

And to finally clean out the house and stay organized. It's so hard. I don't know why.