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Oct 19, 2018
Moderate Democrat. Basically I lean more conservative on immigration and profiling, and perhaps slightly conservative on economic issues, but overall I prefer Democrats.


Perchance to dream
Sep 1, 2018
Jesus, that quiz really hits home how backwards US politics really is. Genuinely can't believe abortion and universal healthcare are even points worthy of discussion in 2018.

(I'm a democratic socialist by the way, the phrase 'liberal democrat' makes me want to vomit)
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Jul 13, 2018
Based on your responses, your political values are closest to those of a ...

Moderate Democrat (lol I'm not)

I like the ideas of Muturalism. But I am more aligned with the ideas of limited government socialism, libertarian socialism, or democratic confederalism. I am a socialist, but I don't proclaim myself publicly as such. I identity as a liberal democrat. When most people hear socialist, they stop listening.
The Blackangel

The Blackangel

Nyiach des uti nesi deh ahy.
Nov 3, 2018
I know my politics the same as everyone, but that is an argument I stay out of. It's added stress I don't need. You guys can start any political war you want and I won't give the slightest bit of a shit. But don't even THINK about trying to fucking recruit me.