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I've made up my mind.
Sep 23, 2018
We are getting a third dog. She is going to be a labrador. We've got two King Charles Spaniels, and my family feel as if I should get a dog. Perhaps it will keep my mind off things. I will put all of my time and energy into her, to make sure that she is provided the best life possible. I want her to be the happiest doggo alive. Obviously only female names, so give me some ideas people! This forum has provided me the escapism that I need, I have had a lot of fun on here and feel it would only be fair to give you guys a chance to name the pet that will hopefully change my life around for the better. She could be our mascot, if you wish ;)

EDIT: we are literally buying it tomorrow.... out of nowhere. Be fast with your choices please lol.
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Sep 7, 2018
Have a game of scrabble and call your dog the last word that gets put on the board.
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