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Jul 14, 2018
I used to live in the States but was too young to experience any drug taking or be prescribed any drugs (though I broke my tibia once and didn't get and Vicodin).

I've heard that the DEA is cracking down on physicians who over-prescribe along with people who sell their prescription medication. Yet I'm sure prescriptions are still handed out much easier than here in Europe (UK/Ireland) because my aunt in California is always getting hydrocodone for a headache that annoying GP's would dream of giving them unless you're on your deathbed, literally.

Are other drugs like benzos, prescription amphetamines affected as well? Does anyone here have an experience with this?


Jul 27, 2018
have a couple friends in the usa with chronic pain, it was difficult before getting opiates, and is now even more so. there is a lot of questions and hoops you need to jump through and now doctors are even more jumpy about it. even though chronic pain patients with a prescription rarely end up abusing it. although even if they did it wouldn’t be the worst.