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Jan 26, 2021
Only able to reply due to alcohol consumption, hah. Ideal, in order of importance:

1. Virginity (possibly widowed/similar could also work). Almost non-negotiable (I am also a virgin, no double standard).
2. Looksmatch (face>>>bone structure>hip:waist>bf distribution).
3. Personality wise, similar to me would be great. In fact, the more similar the better (might sound narcissistic).

Turn offs: Having had casual sex in the past, having had several "long-term" or short-term relationships, being ambitious, being physically unattractive, being too old or too young (want someone as close to my age as possible), believing in anything spiritual/religious/etc, being too normal, not liking my stew, hypergamy, fake-up.

Obviously the most important thing is that she likes me, which is more or less impossible. This means that I actually don't have any women I'd want to date, when you think about it. One of many strategies for dealing with being a male "loser" I've listed in my thread about it (please guys, add your own strats, thanks):
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Jul 11, 2021
Interesting question. I can't give details, because the details are what we learn along the relationship. They're what makes the person special what makes the person who they are. The details. If we seek details, we're seeking someone who doesn't exist in the world, but only in our minds

So, for me, she's someone lovable, who has her own way to see the world, who lives without following social scripts and who understands me and loves me for what I am.

It was weird to write this, because I'm in a quite troublesome and strange relationship and I don't think she fits that description...


Feb 27, 2021
A very dominate woman with a somewhat chill and playful personality. A bit of a manic pixie dream girl but a darker version of that. Lol am I insane for saying I'd like to be a bit scared of her.

I'd like her to be a beauty but in a threatening way.

Lol this is the complete opposite of what I'd like in a man.


May 17, 2022
A quick thought

As someone who was taught how to maintain a home in all manners, from cooking, cleaning, and repairs, etc., as well as how to sew or patch clothes, and basic car maintenance, I do not think I would make an ideal partner as there would not be much for the other party to do.

That being said, if someone were to fancy me, I would want someone with whom I could have in-depth conversations, who is reserved and not gossipy (truly trust-worthy).

Someone I can just get up and dance with in the middle of the living room for no good reason, or wake up and go on a long camping trip with them.

As for looks, I am not cute, etc., so I have reason to be judgmental on that, so it is a non-factor for me.
S like suicide

S like suicide

Apr 29, 2021
Both physically and personality-wise. And what are your biggest turn-offs in a woman? Give me as many details as you can.
I was thinking it would be nice and interesting if we could create another thread asking this question for women too..."what would be the ideal man for you?"


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Jan 15, 2022
At this point of my life it would be whether you consistently made me laugh, whether I find your ideas interesting or worth discussing. So what I'm saying is that IMO the main thing in a relationship would be to feel a natural and instantaneous sympathy and secondarily but still important physical attractiveness.
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May 20, 2018
Someone who is nice and pleasant to be around, has similar values as mine, is physically attractive, and actually likes me back. That rules out everyone. :)

And sorry for the lack of details, I just feel like that could be kinda triggering. I guess one thing would be finding someone who likes space like I do so we are not together 24/7. That seems to me the quickest way to get tired of someone, but maybe that's because I haven't met the right person yet.
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Oct 19, 2021
Someone who cares about you, and someone who puts in about as much effort for her appearance as you do, and someone who makes about as much effort for working out as you do. If you are going to rank a person from 1 to 10 for appearance, someone who is within one or two points of you, based on the consensus of most people. Also, personality and compatibility as far as how you want to spend your time and what your goals are matter. A person who financial situation is compatible with yours- it could be one high income person and one person not working, or two medium income people- somethng that works out overall. Someone who goals in relation to marriage and kids are similar. This is all theorterical based on the past when I was dating- since I'm leaving soon this doesn't matter to me any more.


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Mar 11, 2022
Pornstar body who is easy to get along with, funny, sweet, doesn’t care about trivial shit like a corner office
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Hidden Base

Apr 5, 2020
Being pretty is the most important thing IMO. A pretty woman needs to have a difficult personality to become undesirable. And there isn't one type of pretty, there are many different types, so it's hard to specify details. One woman who I find to be very attractive is Lisa Manoban.

I feel a bit gross talking about this stuff, but it's true that looks are the core of attraction for me. To me though, whatever people measure attractiveness by, be it looks, personality, etc, it's all pathetic (yet seemingly unavoidable) vanity. I resent this game of selecting/judging people based on X or Y criteria, it's yet another miserable aspect of reality which renders some of us as winners, and others as losers.


May 6, 2022
someone who understands and can handle a person with bpd, very caring and empathetic, funny, always have something to talk abt with them but can also be comfortable in silence, masculine energy
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Jul 31, 2020
The body needs to be between thin or athletic because I train every day and I deserve someone who strives at my level, as for the personality I don't care as long as it's not a person who fights and talks screaming, I also don't like those girls on Instagram and tiktok who use the body as a way to gain fame they are worthless


To be, or not to be - that is the question.
Jun 7, 2022
My ideal woman is out there, but I pushed her away to protect her without explaining why, and it haunts me.

Physically she's big and beautiful. She loves her body and carries herself that way.

Sexually she's adventurous and open about her desires, and about how important it is to her that those desires be truly satisfied.

Personality wise, she's the most caring and helpful person. She wants to be relied on. She knows what it's like to be depressed and want to die all the time, and doesn't judge me for it.

I can tell her anything. I can be shiveringly vulnerable with her without hesitation. I come to her with no pretense, and she does the same.

She loves unconditionally. Despite a lifetime of pain, she still wants to believe she can give her heart away.

She's my Depeche Mode "Somebody." The one who could have helped me uncover the real me hidden under all this disease and chaos.

She tried to love me and I wasn't ready then, wasn't in a position to return her love the way I wanted to. That's changing now, but I still don't think I deserve a second chance. I've hurt her enough already. 😞


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May 21, 2022
the woman who broke my heart. athletic, sporty, strong, gorgeous, killer legs, organised, loves to go on walks and day trips to places, loves nature, intelligent, makes me more productive in my day, caring of me, can be vulnerable with, have meaningful conversations with, similar to me but also very different, she's a 10 who dates 5s, has the most adorable mannerisms, wears the cutest little bonnet on her head when she comes out of the shower, let's me see her funny puffy hair when it's just drying, vegan, makes the best latte macchiatos, full of life, loved by my family, liked by everyone, likes to get sweaty, has the cutest little outfits, always looks beautiful even when she's not trying, adorably screams "IT'S DA CHICKEN!!!" whenever she sees the cartoon chicken character profile on netflix, does the funniest and craziest shit, we will annoy each other and when we kiss occasionally pretend to swallow the other person's lips and make a sound that sounds just like the eating sound on minecraft, will play around with each other and will have the most adorable laughing squeal when i lay my entire weight on her even lining up my legs on top of hers, has hands that i just wanna grab and tightly squeeze all day, gives the greatest hugs, gets me to pick her up by her lower back in a way that always makes it crack, is easily pleased, takes the joy in the simple things in life and in relationship, and so much more. her celeb lookalike is an exact spitting image of emma radnucanu the tennis player, and her personality is a cross between a dog and a cat; cute, adorable, needing of attention, will make the most random cute high pitched sounds, will be a bitch if she's not fed, but energetic, giddy, playful.
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