Apr 3, 2021
I don't want to have a partner since I would most likely drain her emotionally until we'd start fighting, arguing and probably break up. It's like a choice between never ending solitude that's killing you or a new relationship every other while because you always ruin them. What's better? In my opinion, solitude. Especially that I'm going to kill myself soon.


To be, or not to be - that is the question.
Jun 7, 2022
I don't want to have a partner since I would most likely drain her emotionally until we'd start fighting, arguing and probably break up. It's like a choice between never ending solitude that's killing you or a new relationship every other while because you always ruin them. What's better? In my opinion, solitude. Especially that I'm going to kill myself soon.
Same. It's inevitable that I'll hurt the ones I love. The more they love me, the harder I'll let them down. I'm like a blind guy driving on the highway of life.


Oct 19, 2021
Pornstar body who is easy to get along with, funny, sweet, doesn’t care about trivial shit like a corner office
To me the bodies of girls in porn often look kind of beat up and worn down- they have too much sex, and sex that is mechanical without real emotional attachment, at least most of the time, and their bodies often have sad worn-down look. Some who are more selective about who they work with and what they do do look a lot healthier and better.
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Du bist auf dich allein gestellt
May 26, 2022
Can no longer even imagine such things. The mere notion of having a relationship is abstract to me and my mind refuses to delude itself anymore.


Jan 4, 2022
-Dark hair and dark eyes, decently slim/thin. Not a dealbreaker but the women I’m most attracted to fit this.
-My height or taller
-Facial symmetry and either striking or soft features.

Personality wise:
I prefer a more masculine or assertive personality, in contrast to mine. Someone different to me in many ways. Opposites attract, but I can be attracted to plenty of ‘types’.

Loyal, committed, ready to put work in for what she wants, doesn’t take shit too seriously and is able to take responsibility for her actions. A lady looking for a mostly housewife, maybe. Or at least is the sole breadwinner. Passionate about her work, hobbies, family, or anything at all. And most of all, puts up with my weird habits and dual personality traits because she loves me and I love her.

A woman can dream.
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
Intelligent, patient and with a great ability to understand the world around him.
Also at the same time that he likes to debate without any kind of restriction, with a very open mind and that she is questioning even what defines his ideals at a given moment.

But the problem after all is me, who doesn't want to relate to anyone because of the difficulty I have in expressing myself and the ease of creating conflicts unintentionally.

The ideal woman would be, I suppose, the one who rejects me in the most polite, tender, and original way possible forever.


Intel·ligent, pacient i amb una gran capacitat per comprendre el món que l'envolta.
També alhora que li agradi debatre sense cap tipus de restricció, amb una ment molt oberta i que és qüestioni fins i tot allò que defineix els seus ideals en un moment donat.

Però el problema després de tot sóc jo, que no vull pas relacionar-me amb ningú per la dificultat que tinc per expressar-me i la facilitat per crear conflictes sense pretendre-ho.

La dona ideal sería, suposo, aquella que em rebutji de la manera més educada, tendre i original possible per sempre mes.
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Dr Iron Arc

Dr Iron Arc

Into the Unknown
Feb 10, 2020
Remind me to answer this thread properly later at some point.

For now I’d say the main thing is them being able to love me back for reasons beyond a surface level.
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Who goes there?
Jul 7, 2022
One who would willingly talk about Nietzsche and eugenics on our first date.
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Aug 2, 2020
I've thought a lot about this recently and even though I'm 99.99% sure I would never willingly enter another relationship ever again in this lifetime, perhaps in some other dimension where I'm single and not traumatized, I would consider a woman with the following traits.

Physically, she's feminine and I'm attracted to her, despite whatever level of conventional attractiveness she is. I have a particular weakness for femininity, and the girlier her gender expression is (e.g. make up, nails, dresses, the whole nine), the more I know I'm going to be in trouble.

In terms of personality, the very first thing I gravitate to is overt kindness, warmth, compassion, and even a bit of vulnerability. The last point brings out my natural instinct to be protective and defend (I know it's stupid and probably sexist/heteronormative but here we are). She will know without question I will offer full devotion, loyalty, and resources. Too much vulnerability means you're dealing with a bunny boiler, so not too much of this trait, but some. Also, has her own ambitions/goals/interests, is reasonably responsible (I don't want to be the only adult in the relationship), does not have active addictions (particularly to drugs/alcohol/cigarettes). In bed she tends more toward submissiveness only because it would be a more natural fit.
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Jun 28, 2022
Someone who understands what i'm going through and loves me despite it. Mutual attraction, loyalty, etc.

Preferably incredibly rich, lol


Dec 15, 2021
I have realized that personality is important when it comes to relations.

Id say Polite, Trustworthy, Clever, Responsible, Helpful, Clingy, Attentive, Feminine and Classy but not obsessive with looks like most of people nowadays. Physically shorty, in shape, voluminous hair, radiant skin and bright smile

What I don't like at all in girls, rude and haughty, scornful.

It must be a nice experience to have someone you can fit in with.
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Falls in love
Nov 25, 2021
Age is a preference, I don't want to date someone too much younger or older than me.
Looks, etc don't matter because personality is the most important factor of all. Ideally, they find -me- attractive whether physically or otherwise, and values align.
Personality > Age >>> Everything else.

Turn ons, personality: ++cares about me, +mutual feelings, +kind & honest. I can only date this type of person.
Turn offs, personality: ---dishonest, -----selfish, -------toxic. I cannot date any of these types, as it leads to unhappiness.

Since online gaming used to be a big part of my life. If someone is selfish in gaming that's only a mild turnoff which is agreeable, but if generous it's a huge turnon. This is because I'm not a hypocrite and I can be both of the same ways in gaming.
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One more time around, might do it.
Jul 16, 2022
"If she smells good, and she reminds me of me, I like 'em!"


Jul 14, 2022
A very dominate woman with a somewhat chill and playful personality. A bit of a manic pixie dream girl but a darker version of that. Lol am I insane for saying I'd like to be a bit scared of her.

I'd like her to be a beauty but in a threatening way.

Lol this is the complete opposite of what I'd like in a man.
I find it slightly horrifying how you just described me without the emotional problems


no really, what?
Aug 14, 2020
She should be gay, and also a man.
Okay, HE should be gay.