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Jun 18, 2018
ive always had studios but I hate the one I’m at. Also it would be cheaper for me to move in with a roommate

I’m just uncomfortable with living with a stranger, my possessions being possibly messed with, him inviting people over who potentially could mess with my stuff among other reasons

One thing though is my mental health might get better. Living alone this past decade has broken my mind
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Aug 7, 2018
It can be all right but my alcoholic depression sort of made it unbearable for them.
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Sep 10, 2018
It's okay. I had a nice place to sleep and lost a ton of weight bc they wouldn't share fridge or pantry space. I saved a lot and looked the best ever.

I stayed with someone from college with their girlfriend. Their girlfriend profusely cheated on him and he was super in denial about the relationship and the lack of it. It was painful to be watching it fall apart.

Keep tidy and establish boundaries. It's also better to keep opinions or commentary about how the roommates live to yourself. Don't get too involved but maintain platitudes with them.

Can't tell you how many 6 hour car rides I went on for his girlfriend's pet rats funerals. Or seeing an overflowing bathroom trash from roommates fap sessions because he was a cuck. I'm still on good terms with these people, because I played mouse in the house.