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Life is too difficult for me
Oct 11, 2019
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Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
44 years, but they have passed very quickly and I have not had time to mature or adapt to my personal situation. Since the 13 years that time has passed at an inordinate speed for me, especially these last 12 years, how can I have gone from 32 to 44 without even being aware of it?...
...I haven't even been able to enjoy the famous crises of the 30's or 40's (not that I'm envious of that, I'd just miss it hahaha)


44 anys, però han passat molt depressa i no m'ha donat temps ni a madurar ni a adaptar-me a la meva situació personal. Desde els 13 anys que el temps passa a una velocitat desmesurada per mi, sobretot aquests últims 12 anys, com puc haver passat del 32 als 44 sense ni ser-ne conscient?...
...ni tans sols he pogut gaudir de les famoses crisis del 30 o els 40 (no es que tingui enveja d'això, només em faltaría, jajaja)


Too short for Frederick William I’s Guards
Jan 18, 2022
i am exactly 26 but i don’t feel like it lol. I still feel like a little kid in the fact i am extremely immature and still don’t know what the fuck i’m doing in life. Admittedly, it’s pathetic but in my defense i wasn’t supposed to be around this long anyways
I was there three years ago and still am now. I don’t really want to advance out of my comfort zone in terms of maturity but lately the biological imperative stuff is making me feel rotten for hiding out. I have guilt too but I assuage it by focusing on negative parts of the state of the world.
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