Apr 27, 2018
what's the thing that keeps you up night- your monster under the bed?

feel free to vent; after all, not everyone has someone to tell these things to.

I'll start: I murdered someone.

i always felt that i had

I wanted my mother to die

and she did

i think i took that on board , guilty guilty guilt.

fucked me right up

she really didn't leave any other option for freedom though .

so twisted

you have no power or freedom so the only option is to hope for the death of the jailor

and they actually want to die as well , in aspect to a greater fear (fundamentalist satan torture yadah yadah ....)


I've made up my mind.
Sep 23, 2018
I have quite a few secrets I wouldn't want anyone to find out, they're usually just sexual desires that I'm obviously not going to tell anybody because it's embarrassing and gross. Though I've also done some stupid shit in the past, however I reckon a lot of what I keep quiet isn't that interesting or dark, just weird. I'm boring like that.


The Loved Mistake
Sep 4, 2018
The fact that one day I will most likely kill myself.
People know I'm suicidal - it's no secret - but they don't know I think constantly at how I could do it.
Planning slowly.

Also - Idk if its dark - but sometimes I think about setting things on fire. My house, my school - others houses maybe. Not sure.


cute girl
Sep 22, 2018
i'm not even comfortable sharing it as if anyone found out it could land me in some deep shit. i've never done anything...just some dark thoughts i've had about hurting others. it used to feel so serious, thankfully not so much anymore. ive never told anyone about how invested i got into a certain unhealthy subculture..