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Cosmic panic
May 18, 2018
Years ago, I was maybe 12, watching the news with relatives. A story comes on about a whole family that died in a car crash, minus one little that survived. Everyone thought this was such great news that this kid survived while it's whole family killed.

I couldn't understand. I was sad that the kid survived. To live through that seems cruel.

Do you all remember when you first realized you weren't "normal"?


An Angel’s Broken Wings
Sep 26, 2018
When I was really young (like 8 years old?) I used to stare at the ceiling or out the window and many times I would think about how humans died (I actually didn’t fully have a grasp on death yet at this point) I used to think that the more a person talked, the more they used their lungs, and that meant less air. So then they’d eventually talk themselves to death. When I started growing up a bit more I realized how different I truly was.