Aug 18, 2020
Yeah the last part is an unncessary joke. I wanted to refer to his company neural link. I am absolutely no expert on this topic. But the things I have read were not that optimistic. They say Elon Musk's company just wants to generate an hype but they don't make substantial progress. I think this is likely the truth. I sometimes watch or read some sci-fi stuff. Most of them thought we would be way more advanced in linking our brain to computers to this date. It is seems to be fucking difficult. I think Musk wants to use AI to make progress. Maybe should shut the fuck up about topics I don't know much about. But if I did that I could barely post any threads aynmore. Lol.

I think there are also different stages of linking your brain to the internet. I think uploading your consciousness into a cloud is far far away from happening. I doubt that I will ever experience something like that. Even if I don't die young. Some people in this forum are afraid of becoming immortal. I doubt that technology will be forced on us. I rather think the superrich would be the first one to get this therapy. In case this really becomes true I think they will regret it a lot. I had this talk with my best friend. He does not want to die, he likes his life. He says he could imagine to live forever if there was a possibility. Of course also avoiding all the unpleasant illnesses that you get when you are very old.

Personally I am pretty convinced most people would regret having made this choice (to become immortal). I think humans and their brains are not programmed to live forever. I think after you lived your first one million years you might get a little bit bored. Or you will get this melancholia and the wish for an end. Of course if we assume that becoming immortal would be irreversible.

Then there are also other technologies. Like driving a car by linking it to your brain. Surfing through the internet with your brain. I assume the former one is easier to make it work than the latter one. By the way the metaverse resembles kind of this dream to be inside the internet.

I rather think before this becomes true there are a lot of other problems solved. If they know the human brain enough to link it fully to a computer there will be a lot of progress how to deal with mental illnesses7 better treatment for it.

I doubt that we will be able to upload our conscioussness at the end of this century. But what do I know? Please lecture me you anonymous crowd of this forum. Here are so many people there is probably always one who knows more than you on a certain topic.
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Who knows, who cares
Apr 7, 2022
In order to upload your consciousness, you must think of your consciousness as a thing that can be separated from your body, rather than being a consequence of, and dependent on, complex biological activity. Of course that's the basis of all afterlife theories. Perhaps it might be possible to create something out of data that seems to be "you," but would it be you? Can you be you without your meat body? Without the vast sea of bacteria all chipping in? Did you know that you can change aspects of someone's personality with a fecal transplant? What does that tell you about what "you" are?


Dec 27, 2021
I don't think it will ever be possible to upload a brain into a cloud. Once again people are spending all their lives chasing permanence, a "fountain of youth" in another form, trying to preserve things that aren't meant to be preserved, instead of living the little life they have left.

To live forever is to watch everything decay around you, the loneliness that sets in upon the realization you will outlast everything. You will remember everyone, but there will be nobody left to remember you. A fate like that makes death seem like a blessing.


in a dark place
Nov 26, 2020
No, it's impossible. No matter how advanced our technology gets, you cannot convert matter to data. Just like how you cannot upload, say, a chair, you cannot upload a brain.

it needs to be remembered people who believe in mind uploading believe the universe is a type of computer anyway and everything is data. chairs, periodic table, biology are types of useful hallucinations that can be recreated if described mathematically.