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Jun 26, 2018
When the climate change kills everyone. Hopefully by the end of this century.

If some humans manage to survive they will surely make up another bullshit story about a sky daddy. It seems to be the best strategy of dealing with the pointlessness of life.


El revisionismo en castillano
Jul 16, 2018
When there will be no people on Earth (or scattered elsewhere in the Solar System).
Most of us are hardwired for being gullible
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Mistress of all she surveys
Sep 7, 2018
I suspect that most people are hardwired to believe in some sort of benevolent deity (or deities) and an afterlife where the good (however they are defined) are rewarded and the evil (however they are defined) are punished. This does not necessarily mean that there is a God and an afterlife (although I certainly want to believe that). In other words, I think that religion will exist as long as human beings do. On the other hand, the human race may not exist for much longer, as cheeki_breeki has mentioned. If humanity becomes extinct, that may be extremely merciful, a coup de grace.


Aug 7, 2018
I don't think people ever will. For the most part, I think people feel insignificant and they need something, such as a deity, to feel like they are important in one way or another. Or, for things that people do not understand or are unable to comprehend. When you look at the size and power of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, with the enormous following that follows them (and the same can be for Mecca and the Muslim world), you would need some sort of event that completely disproves religious theory. Hell, even if that happened, I still doubt that people would stop needing a god.
Over n' Out

Over n' Out

Aug 5, 2018
You wouldn't give a 5 year old a pack of cigarettes a day to physically harm them and a 5 year old shouldn't be fed lies and fairytales that mentally harm them. Anything you are told young usually stick to the forming brain that's why the religious nuts try to get at the kids early to infect them.
Religious teachings should be banned for anyone under 21 then see how many students are dumb enough to turn up for lesson 2.
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