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Jun 7, 2021
Sexual abuse from ages 5-11 (maybe even earlier?). I was already an anxious, introverted, self-defeating child before that, so you can imagine how much worse things got. I spent most of my childhood being paranoid. Believed that I was being monitored by the Illuminati and that God would kill me in my sleep. Never had a moment of peace. And ta-da! Suicidal ideation by the time I was 11.

Despite it all, l was still going strong — or so I thought. I had big hopes for my future, it’s just too bad that I suck.
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Serena / Meatball head
Aug 29, 2020
High school, as cliched as that sounds. I wanted so desperately to tell this girl I liked her, but I was too shy. There will never be anyone else; not that I could even sustain a serious relationship now. I will be looking at her photo during my ctb attempt, in the hope that I will get to see her as she was in 2008 or somehow tell her in a dream. God, I'm a loser.

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