Aug 18, 2020
For me the answer is very clear. I invest myriads of hours in Youtube videos. I love youtube. There are so many interesting niches on there. It is in a different dimension when I compare it to the time when I watched TV.
I think there are many amazing YouTube videos which have an educational purpose. I think my life quality was way worse without YouTube. And the best thing: it is completely free and I can use ad-blockers. Okay to be honest we pay with our data. But I mostly avoid ads online with my anti-ad programmes.

I think I never paid for Netflix or Amazon prime. I quitted watching most fictional series a long time ago. I dislike most shallow entertainment. But it is true there is a German TV channel with a lot of animes. On their website you can watch them legally and for free. I love this channel. I think I like these animes so much because I associate them with childhood memories.

I personally dislike most series or movies. Animes are kind of an exception for me. I don't know. I prefer reading the newspaper and thinking about real world stories.

Most fictional stories cannot catch me because I know they are not real. There is a certain distance between me and them.

What streaming platform do you prefer? And why?


perpetually going through a lot
Mar 24, 2021
I agree with you about Youtube! There’s such a large variety of content to watch on there for every type of niche and interest. And you are more free to pick and choose the length of time you watch something; like if you are looking for a review of a videogame, you can find hour-long reviews or 3-minute reviews if you are strapped for time.

I don’t have much patience for movies or series anymore. If I had someone to watch them with, it might be fun to burn the hours away with some fictional nonsense, but I don’t find much value anymore in devoting much time to fantasy stories. I find myself preferring news articles as I get older too, because I want to enagage with real things, and I see a lot of modern media as just distractions that aren‘t really going to matter much in the grand scheme. I guess you could say the same about news articles, but it helps give a broader more informed perspective about the world, whereas engagement with fantasies will not always give you that greater societal context.

The only streaming service I do subscribe to is AppleTV+, but only because it is bundled with a lot of other Apple services that I use on my phone like Apple Music and Apple Arcade. I don’t think their streaming service is very good, and there are only a handful of shows and movies on there that I would consider worth watching.
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Rabbit Tank
Dec 3, 2020
I used to use Netflix because my father paid for it and said "well, why not?", I used it to rewatch series like Death Note, Avatar, etc. But that was years ago, now I just record things from the TV since it comes with the wi-fi service.

Many series that I like are not available on any service, at least in a language that I understand, that's the case of KR, just the first three series are available together with Amazons on platforms such as Amazon Prime. I'd rather play video games or read manga.


Magic bus
Jun 13, 2022
You tube only. Could never go back to mainstream corporate brainwashing channels.