Jul 16, 2018
Who coined the phrase catching the bus or the whole bus references, anyhow? I mean I know I could just Google it, but maybe there's more to it. I haven't got anything against buses, i prefer buses over trains in most instances, seriously. not trolling either by posting this, it's just such a interesting turn-of-phrase.
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El revisionismo en castillano
Jul 16, 2018
It's kind of an old reference, it's been used on old bulletin boards since the early 2000s.


On a personal note I remember reading some excerpts from an autobiographical book written in 2004 by Sam Paul, called "Why I committed suicide", that contains the line "My only difficulty there was getting up at the ungodly hours they start work and finding a ride or catching the bus out to the store". Don't know if it has anything to do with the genesis of this euphemism, though.
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