Aug 18, 2020
If you google this question you get extremely stupid answer. Things like Assad had an IQ below 100. I agree he is very evil and so on. But to pretend he is that stupid is kind of naive. I think his education was the job as a eye specialist/studied medicine. If you read his biography one will soon learn that he is quite skilled concerning some abilities. Though I emphasize he is a brutal murderer and it is disgusting how he treats his people. He is still in power which is not fully self-evident.

Yeah but I don't want to lose too much time talking about him. I don't know enough details about him.
I had to chuckle when I saw a list that pretended Trump had an IQ above 150. I think he was in the top 5 in the list of international politicians. I think this list was kind of influenced by sympathies and the fact many Americans participated when the list was creatated.

I have read number one quite often. Often even with a big lead. A German politican. Angela Merkel.
Not sure if many know this but she wrote her doctor thesis in physics. I think many admired the fact how long she governed such a huge nation. The NYT called her the defender of the free world. I think it is quite a success to be re-elected this often. But she had a way bigger standing internationally than nationally. Many conservatives hated her policy on the refugee crisis. Many leftwing journalists (still) love her for that decision.

When I was younger I liked her more. But for example her stance on assisted suicide is horrible. Her policies increased Germany's dependency on Russia a lot. The domestic economic market in Germany is very weak. This could be very bad concerning future financial crisis. She blocked new investmenst which would have been very helpful

Though I still think think she is astonishingly smart. Not sure if the media is biased but I read the following. An expert on covid said if Merkel did not become politican she would have become one of the leading scietists in her prefered field in the world. This could be true. I also agree she is pretty pretty smart. Moreover she has extreme stamina. You have to be really lucky to be this smart and stress resilient. I kind of envy that.
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