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Jul 7, 2022
Peter Zapffe
He's one of my favorites also. It's a pity he remained so obscure that no one ever bothered to translate his main work On the tragic, where he expands his ideas from The last messiah. Thomas Ligotti is also very good at conveying the horror of human consciousness, and he builds upon Zapffe's essay, so I'm sure you'll appreciate him too.


Jul 5, 2022
I can certainly relate to this Philipp Mainlander guy.


Dec 11, 2020
I almost love philosophy enough to not CTB lmao. Once you get into it it really makes your life look a lot more trivial. Schopenhauer, jung, kierkegaard, bergson, deleuze. I like theories of metaphysics, religion, mental illness, aesthetics. I like reading Nietzsche but don’t agree with a lot of what he says
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In the kingdom of th blind; the one-eyed are kings
Jan 24, 2021
Not into philosophy. 2022 06 08 223501
What's philosophy? Educated diversion?d.e.volution, perhaps. So like religion. That this monster seeks god is insane but marvellous. I like prayers and spells and magicka esoterica...

I Fucking Love Him: Rabindranth Tagore
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Mar 21, 2022
Not all philosophers exactly but people I like the philosophies of are: Alan Watts, Carl Sagan, Naval Ravikant and Eckhart Tolle


Jan 24, 2021
Simone Weil because she was just so unflinchingly (and sometimes stupidly) good. Unlike most philosophers, she put her money where her mouth was and put herself in miserable and dangerous situations to do what she thought was right. She was no armchair philosopher by any stretch.

As for how much she accomplished and how much I agree with her ideas, these is far less impressive than her aforementioned moral character, bizarre resume, and tragic death. As an atheist who does not agree with anarchism, many of Weil's ideas challenge my own quite aggressively. That said, I really think she would have been an improvement upon the drivel that many of her contemporaries served up. If it takes a crazy, self-hating Jewish Catholic with an eating disorder to take down the pedophile Michel Foucault and his ilk, so be it.

Her brief exchange with Simone de Beauvoir always cracks me up:

'In Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, de Beauvoir reports her first and perhaps only personal interaction with Weil in, most likely, 1929. "A great famine had just begun to devastate China," she writes, and:

I was told on hearing the news she [Weil] had wept; these tears commanded my respect even more than her philosophical talents. I envied her for having a heart that could beat right across the world. One day I managed to approach her. I don't remember how the conversation began; she declared in no uncertain terms that one thing alone mattered in the world today: the Revolution that would feed all the people on earth. I retorted, no less peremptorily, that the problem was not to make men happy, but to find a meaning for their existence. She looked me up and down: "It is easy to see you have never gone hungry," she said. Our relationship stopped there. (239)'


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May 21, 2021
To this man, I owe my understanding of dignity and virtue.

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Diogenes, the most honest cynic.
if he was so honest, why didn't he live in the woods 🤓 he was a beggar. meaning he was dependent on people who lived in society. also, during the cold, I'm sure he lived in a house. his whole story isn't even credible. Idk why they maintain the myth even in philosophy textbooks