Alcoholic Teletubby

Alcoholic Teletubby

Rip in piss
Jan 10, 2022
I just liked the meme and needed something simple.
Molded foundation

Molded foundation

Sep 17, 2021
The foundation of my house is molded.


Mar 6, 2022
My username comes from the song So Far Away by Agust D. There's a lyric in the song which is: "I'm living because I can't die but I don't have anything I want to do." Which I related to and it was the only thing I could think of to put as my username


Jul 14, 2022
that‘s a great question and the answers in the comments are very interesting to read! and i’m about to give a super stupid answer for you That’s not akin to the rest of the interesting replies!
i choose my username cuz’ “bubo” I pronounce it like “boo bow” in my head and i thought it sounded funny so i choose it. It also sounds like some German cake to me in my head and i really like cake and especially German cake.
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I need you to feel this
Jul 14, 2021
i don't remember lol. i think i saw someone on another forum saying something like 'i'm finished' or asking to be killed and i switched to this forum and adopted the name. It finished me. Finish me.
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
It was simply the name I put on all the school books when I was at the Institute there in the 90s, I even made a stamp (a Windows paintbrush drawing) that I tried to put on all my school work.

I had never used it before on the web and somehow it represents very well all the feelings accumulated during so many years of hopes, illusions and frustrations. It's like a kind of joke about the hidden rebellion I showed then and where I finally ended up today.


Simplement era el nom que posaba a tots els llibres de l'escola quan anava al'Institut allà pels 90, fins i tot vaig fer un segell (un dibuix al Windows paintbrush) que miraba de posar a tots els meus treballs d'escola.

No l'había usat mai abans a la xarxa i d'alguna manera representa molt bé tots els sentiments acumulats durant tants anys d'esperances, il·lusions i frustracions. Es com una espécie de broma sobre la rebel·lía disimulada que mostraba llavors i ón he acabat finalment a día d'avuí.


clock is ticking
May 26, 2022
Because I live in a hell I put myself into. It is a hell where all my demons party every night trying to end whatever’s left of me. Pink is my favorite color and it represents for me that in life what feels good and its roses to one’s eyes, ends up destroying us eventually and drowning us into our own hell.
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