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Oct 9, 2018
Everyday I wish I'd been born in Belgium. In Belgium if you are suffering from unbearable suffering whether it be physical or mental you are legally able to request euthanasia. In Belgium I would be able to legally request euthanasia.

But no, I live in a backwards country were the christian fundie lobby is blocking all attempts to legalise euthanasia even for the terminally ill. Christians who seem to like to portray themselves as compassionate people don't seem to give two craps about unbearable suffering or are of the opinion that 'jesus suffered so should you'. Until it happens to them personally of course.

I left a twitter message for the stupid people of the official organisation who seem to believe that all mental suffering can be alleviated by current medicine asking them why I should have to die alone and in a risky manner. No response of course. It's easier for them to just turn a blind eye towards the issue.

When my elderly mother was admitted to hospital for a knee replacement I witnessed first hand a terminally ill person who had been shunted onto the rehab ward because there were no hospice beds available. She screamed at night and never got enough pain medication. When my mother got out she was still there and I know her death won't be easy but the Christie fundies weren't there doing anything but they won't give her any other option.