Aug 18, 2020
This is a common question in political shows in my country. I know it is controversial. Good that this subforum exists.
The former chancellor said after Trump was elected. The reassurance to rely on the help of others (USA) is over.
Scholz goes on with this politics. This is why Germany increases its military budget a lot. I could imagine they waste all the money and our military will still suck. To be honest that is the most likely scenario. The military spending is very very inefficient.

And if Russia attacked our country there would be still peace protest despite Russia was cutting the throats of civilians on the streets.
I think if Russia attacked Germany we would be absolutely lost. The population would never fight. The Ukrainain people are brave and fight for democracy and freedom. But the Germans are too lazy or scared about their own asses. (You could probably include me to that group) As in past threads described many people in western societes live in post-heroic societites. The individual is more important than the collective values.

I think it is very likely the Republicans will be back in the Oval Office in 2024. Either Trump or DeSantis: Both support America first, isolationist politics, no more wars. Many people in NATO/Europe are scared about it. I think only the insane amounts of military spending from the US could save us from Russia. If the US don't support us in a war with Russia we are probably done. Though the US tries to concentrate on China as the biggest enemy.

Yeah do you think Trump or DeSantis would leave NATO? Would you support huge military aid to support Europe if Russia invades eastern EU countries?
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

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May 6, 2022
If you look at the map on the next page you will realize that it is not necessary for Russia to invade any NATO country to trigger a serious military conflict on a much larger scale. It is enough for it to invade any member of the European Union for the mutual defense mechanism to be activated, and Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all belong to the European Union.

From there, what the United States decides to do will depend on whether or not it is in their interest to participate in the defense of Europe.
And regarding Donald Trump I wouldn't worry, the president of the United States serves the United States not serves the United States for his own benefit.


Si observes el mapa de la següent pàgina te n'adonaràs de seguida que no cal que Rússia envaeixi cap país pertanyent a l'OTAN per desencadenar un greu conflicte militar a una escala molt més gran. N'hi ha prou que envaeixi qualsevol membre de la Unió europea perquè s'activi el mecanisme de defensa mútua, i tant Finlàndia com Suècia, com Estònia, Letònia i Lituània pertanyen a la Unió Europea.

A partir d'aquí, el que decideixin fer els Estats Units dependrà de si els hi beneficia participar en la defensa d'Europa o no.
I respecte Donald Trump jo no em preocuparía pas, el president del Estats Units serveix als Estats Units no es serveix dels Estats Units en benefici propi.


May 18, 2022
The U.S. is the face of NATO & one of the founding countries. Why would they leave it? They hold a lot of control through NATO.